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Staying Active When It Starts to Get Dark and Cold Out

By Eyal Fatran | Sep 5, 2018

a close up of a signFor fitness enthusiasts, there exist two extremes: those who religiously stick to an indoor, air-conditioned gym no matter how perfect the weather is outside, and those who “treat the world as their gym” and exercise outdoors even when the temperatures are approaching zero degrees Fahrenheit. The reality, of course, is that most people fall somewhere in the middle of the fitness-commitment spectrum.

Rebound Anytime, Anywhere Thanks to Our Mini Fitness Trampoline!

The fall season is a brilliant time to run and exercise outdoors. However, many people don’t run due to the jarring impact, so they’ll hop on a bicycle or head to the gym to hit up an elliptical or a rowing machine. All of these forms of exercise are great for your cardiovascular health, but are they really as fun as jumping on a trampoline?

a close up of a sign


Our lightweight and surprisingly portable mini fitness trampoline goes wherever you go. Bring it to the office and take a quick break or talk on the phone while jumping up and down. Keep it at home and rebound while you chuck your dog’s tennis ball across the living room. Heck, if your vehicle has the room, throw it in and take it to your friend’s place. Our point? The Leaps & Rebounds rebounder is versatile and ready to go when you are!

Skip the Gym and Burn Calories at Home This Fall and Winter

Does it really make sense to drive somewhere just to work out indoors? The gym is nice, but it’s not for everyone. With our fitness trampoline, enjoy the convenience of working out on your own time in the privacy of your own house. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Actually, it can get better than that: our stability bar adds to the fun, offering more unique, creative, and challenging exercises to the mix. Learn more about our very own mini fitness trampoline today!

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