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Safety Tips For Using a Fitness Rebounder

By Eyal Fatran | Oct 16, 2019

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Nearly everyone remembers how much fun it was to jump on a trampoline as a kid. You would see who could jump the highest, who could remain standing the longest, or even who had the coolest moves while in the air. Well, even though you may not be a kid anymore, you can still have a blast jumping on a cardio trampoline. For adults, cardio trampolines are known as rebounders, helping you build core strength, tone leg muscle, and build cardiovascular strength.

At Leaps and Rebounds, our rebounder offers durability, quick set-up, and hours of fun and fitness. If you want to have the same fun as you did as a kid and get a great workout, shop our fitness rebounder and get started jumping!

As with any exercise program, it’s always important to remember that safety comes first. We know that you’re really excited to get started, but before you start jumping, here are a few safety tips that will ensure you are staying safe and getting the best workout possible. If you have questions about our cardio trampoline, get in touch with us at Leaps and Rebounds! We’re always happy to answer any questions.Rebounding Experience

Use a Sturdy, Level Surface

The cardio trampoline from Leaps and Rebounds is safe to use indoors and outside, but wherever you set it up, make sure that the surface is sturdy and level. Be careful about using the rebounder on loose gravel surfaces, hills or inclines, or any wet and slippery surfaces. This will reduce the chance of the rebounder slipping as you jump.

Consider a Rebounder Stability Bar

If you’re new to rebounding or want something to hold onto while jumping, a stability bar is an easy way to feel comfortable while jumping. Or if you’re up for a challenge, our stability bar makes it easy to do more challenging or creative exercises. The bar is easy to attach to the rebounder’s legs and has grippable foam handles for comfort.

Wear the Right Apparel

Your favorite fitness outfit will work great when you’re jumping on a cardio trampoline. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and can easily bend your legs. As for what to wear on your feet, going barefoot or wearing a pair of clean sneakers are both great options. Jumping barefoot may feel like you can move easier, but wearing shoes will help to keep your ankles stable. Try a few small jumps both ways and decide which feels right for you. It’s best to not use a regular pair of socks, however, which are more prone to slip. If you want to wear socks, try our no-slip grip socks. These durable socks feature rubber grips on the bottom to prevent slipping.

Start Slow

Cardio trampolines are easy to use and it won’t take long for you to feel comfortable jumping on one. However, when you’re first starting out, take it slow. Start with a few small jumps to get a feel for the bungees. The Leaps and Rebounds mat doesn’t stretch, the bungees do, so you can feel confident and safe while jumping.

If You Have Kids

Our rebounder is a great way to get some exercise in, and it’s also fun for kids to jump on! However, if you do let your kids jump on a cardio trampoline, make sure that they understand it’s not a toy and should be used carefully. It’s also a good idea to keep the rebounder a few feet away from any furniture, the TV stand, or other valuables.

What Makes Leaps and Rebounds Different?

  • Protective Flap: Our rebounder features a protective flap that covers the bungees, preventing your feet from slipping through the gaps between the bungees.
  • 13” Clearance: Our trampoline is closer to the ground.
  • Latex Rubber Bungees: The Leaps and Rebounds can hold up to 250 pounds and our bungees are quiet and durable.
  • UV-Resistant Mat: Our rebounder can be used outside and will last for years, even in the sun.
  • Screw-in Legs: For a sturdy jump, we use screw-in legs instead of folding legs.

The Leaps and Rebounds cardio trampoline is easy to assemble and is fun and safe to use! If you’re looking for a unique and convenient way to exercise, give our rebounder a try today! We offer free shipping, a 30-day jump trial, and a lifetime warranty for both the rebounder and stabilizer bar. With Leaps and Rebounds, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

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