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Rebounding and Other Great Forms of Low-Impact Exercise

By info leapsandrebounds | Jul 24, 2019

So, you strongly dislike running? Welcome to the vast majority of the world. From the knee pain to the harsh impact on your feet, not to mention your throat flaring up in pain as your stomach feels like it’s about to burst out of your chest, there’s a lot to dislike about the running experience. As providers of the best mini fitness rebounder trampoline, trust us when we say that we know how you feel. 

Sure, running may have its distinct set of benefits, but at what cost are these benefits obtained? 

Our Mini Fitness Trampoline: A Fun And Safe Alternative To Running!

There are many challenging, effective, and surprisingly fun ways to exercise your heart and utilize your lungs without subjecting your body to the harsh impact that is running. Indeed, with the help of our mini fitness trampoline at your feet, you’ll be able to torch calories, build muscle, and even enjoy yourself in the process. 

Even studies conducted by NASA have shown that rebounding on a trampoline is about 68% more effective than jogging — and yet, it requires less effort! 

Learn more about our fitness trampoline for sale today, or keep reading below in today’s blog from Leaps & Rebounds to discover the myriad of ways that you can work out without the negative consequences of high-impact exercise. 

Give These Forms Of Low-Impact Exercise A Try


Burning calories and taking in the beautiful sights of nature is a true double-whammy when it comes to worthwhile forms of exercise. Whether or not you have access to breathtaking trails, there’s always some type of hike that’s likely accessible with a short drive from your home. 

The incline of the trail will have you easily huffing and puffing provided that you’re walking at a decent pace. Hiking at higher elevations also adds to the challenge of the experience. Just make sure that you pack plenty of water, snacks, and electrolyte beverages with you. 


People tend to think of swimming pools in two different ways: as a place to hang out, read a book and sip their pina colada, and as a competitive environment where professional swimmers swim their heart out. The truth is, there’s a comfortable middle ground that you can achieve with swimming. 

Swimming a few laps at a moderately comfortable pace is sure to wear you out fairly quickly, especially if you’re not a regular swimmer. You don’t need to go all-out to get a nice workout in, but next time you’re thinking about taking a dip, do more than a cannonball. 

The weight of the water provides excellent resistance to your muscles, and swimming also offers zero impact on your joints. Take that, running!

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Bodyweight Training

The thing that’s most convenient about bodyweight training is that you don’t need a home gym or any equipment to get started. A cup of coffee, a nutritious breakfast, and raw motivation are all that you really need! Now, in the context of low-impact exercise, doing repeating jumping squats may not be ideal for your needs. However, there are a good number of low-impact, bodyweight-specific workouts designed to challenge your heart and strengthen your muscles. 


If you feel a sense of catharsis out on the water, you’re not alone. Millions of people choose rowing, kayaking, and canoeing as a way to test their upper body strength, all while comfortably sitting down and preserving their legs. To get the benefits of the water without actually getting wet (unlike swimming), we strongly recommend grabbing a paddle and getting out on the lake!

Warning: if your body isn’t used to rowing, your shoulders and deltoids will likely be very sore the next day. 


Feeling the cool air fly through the grooves of your helmet while rollerblading isn’t just a liberating experience, it’s a throwback to the 80s. Over the past few years, we’ve seen rollerblading make an interesting comeback as a trendy way to exercise, or at the very least, get around town. 

Rollerblading is what you make it: you can blade fast and push yourself to breathe hard, or you can simply have your overly energetic dog pull you around. 


Flying down a mountain on a pair of downhill skis offers a surprisingly tough cardiovascular workout. It will also cause your legs to burn in a matter of minutes. 

For a true skiing-based workout, give Nordic skiing or cross-country skiing a try when you get the chance. Instead of using a lift to get up a hill, you are the lift, slowing defying gravity and trudging up a mountain with skis attached on your feet. 

Biking and Cycling

Is there a difference between biking and cycling? People that casually hit bike paths in town may be considered “bikers,” whereas the folks all decked out in branded spandex and aerodynamic helmets may be considered “cyclers.” These people usually have a road bike that costs more than your car. 

In all seriousness, riding a bicycle is a fantastic way to exercise your legs and cardiovascular system, all while sustaining virtually zero impact. 

Brisk Walking

Even a stroll around the neighborhood with your pup can burn a good amount of calories. So long as you’re moving — without impacting the ground harshly — you’re doing your body a favor. 

Give Our Mini Fitness Trampoline A Try Today!

For the most convenient, fun, and effective form of low-impact exercise, our very own rebounder trampoline for sale simply can’t be beat. Order yours today!

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