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More Physiological Benefits Of Rebounding

By Eyal Fatran | Mar 29, 2018

More Physiological Benefits Of Rebounding

Joyfully jumping on a trampoline, passing the time by having fun, and getting healthier in the process: does it really get much better than that? Perhaps Leaps & Rebounds is a little bit biased — we do sell the best-valued rebounder trampoline units on the market, after all — but surely enjoying your time as you exercise sounds like an attractive prospect.

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Chances are, you spent some time jumping on a trampoline in your parent’s backyard (or a friend’s backyard) when you were young. How enjoyable was that? Of course, back then, you probably didn’t have a full understanding of the physiological benefits of rebounding exercise. Even now, you still might not be familiar with all of the awesome things that rebounding offers. Fortunately, you’re in the right place to learn more!

Leaps & Rebounds sells the very best fitness trampoline on the market. Our mini trampoline with bar (included) is also a great exercise tool to complement your rebounding experience. On this page, we’re going to continue touching on our previous blog post about the physiological benefits of rebounding. Bounce on over with us!

Boosting Your Red Blood Cell Production

Red blood cells are good for a number of reasons: namely, they help keep you alive. Additional red blood cells also increase your red bone marrow functional activity and also help carry oxygen and vital nutrients to your body’s tissue. If that wasn’t enough, red blood cells also do their part in removing carbon dioxide from them.

More Physiological Benefits Of Rebounding

Improving Your Resting Metabolic Rate

If you’re trying to lose weight, then you’re probably bent on burning a lot of calories. Fortunately, rebounding can help! Not only are you burning a number of calories while you’re jumping, but even when you’re done, you’ll still be burning some calories. This is because rebounding helps improve your resting metabolic rate.

Blood Circulation Benefits

It’s no secret that blood needs to be circulated around your body in order to sustain your survival. Rebounding helps — specifically, by encouraging collateral circulation of the formation of new branch blood vessels that work to distribute blood to the heart. Rebounding on a fitness trampoline from Leaps & Rebounds will increase your capillary count in your muscles, thereby decreasing the distance between the capillaries and the target cells.

Getting Sick Less Often

As a kid, perhaps it was “fun” to be sick and stay home from school. However, as an adult with actual responsibilities to attend to, getting sick isn’t so much fun after all. Rebounding can help you fight sickness! As a proven form of exercise, rebounding can help minimize things like colds, allergies, abdominal problems, and digestive issues. Sounds good to us!

Learn More About Our Rebounder Trampoline From Leaps & Rebounds!

Rebounding is the new standard of fun and enjoyable exercise. With tons of physiological and mental health benefits to reap, there’s no reason not to get started! Shop our signature exercise trampoline today, check out our mini trampoline with bar, or visit our FAQ to learn more about using our fitness trampoline. We’re excited to help you bounce your way toward better health!

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