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Mini Fitness Trampolines And Other Simple Ways To Improve Your Health

By Eyal Fatran | May 2, 2019

If rebounding for only 10-15 minutes on our signature mini fitness trampoline provides some awesome health benefits, then surely there must be other simple but remarkably effective ways to improve your health. And lo and behold, there are.

And if we’ve confused you by the term “rebounding,” what we’re referring to is simply the act of jumping repeatedly on a trampoline with the intention of cardiovascular exercise. Rebounding raises your heart rate and provides you with a great workout without the high impact of running or other activities.

Though it’s ultimately up to you to take the time to do these healthy things on a weekly basis, maintaining a reasonably healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be that hard or complicated. In fact, it can be quite fun at times.

Keep reading below from Leaps & Rebounds to learn more about more simple and easy ways to improve and maintain your health alongside rebounding on our own fitness trampoline.  

Health And Fitness Made Simple

Give Your Food Time To Digest

Long work hours and late meal times leave countless people with a completely full stomach right before bedtime. Your body needs time to digest and metabolize your food before you sleep, otherwise, these calories don’t go to good use and you end up packing them on in the form of excess fat and weight. If you’re trying to drop a few pounds, try your best to eat at an earlier time and consider pushing back your bedtime by half an hour.

Think Twice About Your Posture

Millions of Americans work desk jobs. While many of these jobs are great and well-paying, they pay well at the expense of your back. Have you paid attention to how you sit at your desk chair? Chances are, you’re probably slouching. Straighten your back, tuck in your stomach, and uncross those legs. Make sure that your feet are making even contact with the floor beneath you.

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Drink A Glass Of Red Wine

Drinking anything won’t make you magically fit, especially alcohol, but a glass of red wine a few nights a week (note: not every night) can do your health some good. It’s true; the powerful antioxidants found in red wine help protect your mind and body against heart disease, colon cancer, anxiety, and depression.

Read A Physical Book

The art of reading a regular book is becoming lost these days. After the E-reader craze of the early 2010s, everyone seemed to be reading books from their Kindle. And while that’s certainly better than mindlessly watching videos, it’s good for your mental health to take a break from the screens and experience the satisfaction of turning a physical page. Oh, the progress.

Our Fitness Trampoline — A Vital Part Of A Balanced, Healthy Lifestyle

Remember, your health isn’t just about exercising. A healthy human eats a good diet, drinks plenty of water, stimulates their mind with reading and other mentally constructive activities, and exercises. If you’ve been struggling to make it to the gym, our mini fitness trampoline can help. Check out our bungee rebounder trampoline today.

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