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How The Harsh Impact Of Running Can Harm Your Body

By info leapsandrebounds | Dec 15, 2017

Harsh impact of running

If you enjoy running, we commend you! Running is arguably the most direct and straightforward form of cardiovascular exercise, offering virtually countless benefits for the body and mind. All things considered, while running is a very good thing for your health, doing so can result in things like stress-related injuries, shin splints, torn muscles, and other complications. There are a number of things that can wrong with running (can you imagine slipping and falling face-first? yikes!), but namely, the harsh and consistent impact of pounding the surface beneath you is primarily to blame. Fortunately, your cardio workout friends here at Leaps & Rebounds have a surprisingly fun and effective alternative to traditional running!

Jump Your Way To Better Health

If you don’t think we’re serious when we say that jumping on a trampoline actually leads to incredible cardiovascular and muscular health benefits, then believe it, baby! In addition to many scientific studies out there, studies by NASA scientists have shown that “rebounding” on a trampoline is 68 percent more effective than jogging, and yet, it requires significantly less effort. How’s that for a sweet deal?

So, by locking down on the best rebounder trampoline on the market from Leaps & Rebounds, you might just find that rebounding exercise will become your primary form of cardio. Below, we’re going to go over some of the nasty downsides to running that you’ll be avoiding when you make the sensible switch to rebounding.

Low Impact Exercise

Running At The Expense Of Your Joints

It’s not uncommon for some 40 or 50 percent of consistent runners to experience an injury on an annual basis, at least according to a 2010 paper from the researchers at the Moses Cone Family Medicine Center in North Carolina. Indeed, common complaints among runners are shin splints, knee pain Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis (an extremely painful condition, to be sure) and iliotibial band syndrome, or IBS.

It’s true that many of these running-related injuries can be prevented with proper cross training, good running form and wearing a great pair of cushioned running shoes that fit your stride. Providing yourself with adequate days off from running also helps, as well as progressively increasing mileage, but all of these mitigation techniques aren’t guaranteed to prevent injuries. Through and through, rebounding has been proven to be much, much better on the joints.


Chafing isn’t fun, and we’re confident that anyone who’s experienced just about any extent of chafing would agree with us. When clothing exceedingly rubs against a runner’s chest, armpits, thighs or groin, it can be very irritating and nearly painful, akin to something like a rug burn. In severe cases like a long-distance race, the friction can be so rough that it actually creates a fissure on the skin, causing more sensitive areas of the body to bleed. Picture Andy in Season 4 of The Office if you really need an illustration of what we’re talking about.

Bringing Back Cold Symptoms

It’s well known that running and consistent exercise is a great way to support immune system health, but running outside - especially in cold weather - might actually flare up cold symptoms, strangely enough. Cold air can constrict airway and nasal passages, and dry air irritates the lungs, which of course need air to function well (or at all).

Cold-like symptoms from running aren’t even restricted to outdoor miles. Even indoors, dry air can cause chest tightening and coughing. High school and college runners who compete in indoor track meets often experience scratchy throats and burning lungs from the dry, overheated air in indoor complexes. A good way to help prevent this is by bringing a few cough drops in your gym bag before heading to the track or the treadmill.

Have Fun, Get In Shape, And Be Good To Your Body

A lot of people avoid the gym for many reasons, but who’s going to think ill about a trampoline? Rebound fitness is a fun, engaging and safe way to do cardio, and the team here at Leaps & Rebounds is very confident that you’ll enjoy your rebounding exercise experience. At our price point and quality level, the best rebounder trampoline is right here on our website. Shop the rebounder today!

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