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How rebounding can help treat Autism

By info leapsandrebounds | Jan 24, 2022

ASD Child jumping on rebounder

   There is no one-size-fits-all answer to treating Autism, but many moms are finding success with rebounding. Rebounding is a great way to help autistic children improve their balance, coordination, and sensory processing skills. Plus, it's just plain fun! If you're looking for an activity that can help your autistic child get ahead, rebounding is definitely worth considering.

Autistic Kid on rebounder

    Trampoline therapy has been used for years by parents, teachers and sensory therapists to help kids with autism acquire new motor skills; improve coordination of their body’s movements. The extra Jumping around is great exercise that helps them strengthen muscles while promoting stable posture!

Autistic Tantrum

     Kids on the autism spectrum are at risk for developing an addiction to electronics and other habit-forming, passive activities. This can lead them into isolation as well as poor muscle tone issues with weight gain occurring often too! Getting these kids moving is one way you could counter this problem because it'll help strengthen their bodies and serves to itch that repetition tick that most seem to develop.

Autism kids jump on couch

    Trampoline therapy has been used for decades to help children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) develop body awareness, improve coordination skills and balance. The repetitive stimulation of bouncing provides an opportunity for muscle control as they learn how far away from one another their feet need be in order achieve different heights when jumping on a trampoline. It also teaches them how muscles work - balancing themselves without using hands!

Autistic child staring into space

    In short, if you want a happier healthier child then why not give rebounding a try? It is a tested and proven treatment that has helped many others cope with ASD and it might just help for you too!


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