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Exercises For Your Rebounder

By Eyal Fatran | Jan 10, 2020

Exercises For Your Rebounder

Anyone who is new to the world of rebounder trampolines may think that it’s just a mini trampoline and all you can do on it is jump up and down. And if you’re looking for a fun way to get in a workout, you’re probably looking for a little bit more than what seems to be just a kid’s toy. But in reality, there are a variety of exercises you can perform on your rebounder that will get your heart pumping and can help tone muscles.

If you recently got a Leaps and Rebounds for the holidays, you may have put it together, jumped on it a few times, but then wondered what else you can do with it. So now, with these fun workouts, you can really enjoy your rebounder every day. At Leaps and Rebounds, we believe we have one of the best rebounder trampolines available. So keep reading to learn some great exercises and find out why Leaps and Rebounds is the place to get all of your rebounder supplies.

Before You Start

If you’re new to rebounder trampolines, know that they are a very safe and unique way of getting a workout! But just to be sure, here are a few safety tips to ensure that your workout is as effective as possible.

  • Start Slow: Start with small jumps until you are comfortable with the feel of the rebounder then slowly make your jumps higher and maybe start moving around a little.
  • Use a Flat, Solid Floor: The rebounder trampoline should be used on a sturdy and flat surface. Anywhere in your home can work (if the ceiling is tall enough), the garage, the driveway, or you can even take your rebounder to the park where there is solid ground.
  • Use a Stability Bar: As your exercises get more advanced, having a stability bar will ensure you don’t lose your balance jumping on the rebounder. You may not always have your hands on the bar, but it will be there as a precaution.

Best Exercises For The Leaps & Rebounds Trampoline

rebounder/resistance band workout

A Simple Jump

Simply jumping up and down on your rebounder trampoline will get your heartbeat racing and can help tone your legs, calf muscles, and glutes. To start, bend your knees slightly and push off with your toes. When you have a good bounce going, you can push harder to make the jump higher. Just remember to keep your knees bent. This exercise will help improve circulation and your cardiovascular system.

Rock Your Hips

This is still a fairly basic exercise, but instead of jumping with both feet at the same time, you’ll be alternating feet. Start with your feet spread apart and your knees slightly bent. Start jumping, almost like you’re running in place, but push your hip slightly out to the side as each leg lifts. This can help with any hip issues you’re struggling with as well as strengthen your thigh muscles.

Knee Lifts

This rebounder exercise is the same basic running in place movement, but this time, raise your knees high in the air with each jump. Try to raise your knees to at least the level of your hips, or as you get stronger, as high as you can. For a whole-body exercise, you can use three- or five-pound dumbbells to gain some arm strength as well. If you have the stability bar installed, be mindful that you don’t hit it with your knees. With the Leaps & Rebounder, the stability bar is easy to take on and off, so it might be safer without it.

Back Bend

Take the same Knee Lift exercise, but lean back just slightly to engage your core and strengthen your stomach muscles. If you don’t feel comfortable lifting your knees high as well as bending your back, you can simply alternate legs as you jump. When performing this exercise, be sure that you’re not leaning too far back, increasing the risk of falling off the rebounder trampoline. This exercise is great for your abs and leg muscles.

girl taking break on rebounder

Do the Twist

For this exercise, you’ll jump with both legs at the same time, but you’ll add a hip twist with each jump. As you’re jumping, alternate from side to side, pointing your knees right then left, and incorporate your arms into the twist as well. The twisting motion is great for helping the lower back and hip area. It’s also a great exercise if you struggle with sciatica.

Use Your Arms

If you thought the Leaps & Rebounder was just for legs, then guess again. To start, raise your arms in the air with a slight bend in the elbow. With each jump, extend your arms up and then return them back to the starting position. For a really great arm muscle workout, you can add some dumbbells into the exercise. Just don’t forget to keep jumping!

Even though these exercises sound simple, they will definitely give you a great workout. So if you’re tired of running on a treadmill or going to a crowded gym, the rebounder trampoline is a great option for a whole-body workout that you can do at home! The trick is finding the best rebounder trampoline available, and we believe we have it at Leaps and Rebounds. Made with sturdy carbon steel frame legs, a sure-foot, zero stretch mat, and silent bungees, your rebounding experience will be smooth and comfortable. We also offer a variety of accessories, including our stability bar and no-slip grip socks. Shop Leaps and Rebounds today, and get started with these great rebounder exercises.

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