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Exercises For People Who Hate To Exercise

By Eyal Fatran | Apr 27, 2020

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. It helps to build muscle, strengthens your cardiovascular system, helps you maintain a healthy weight, reduces stress, and so much more. But what if you just hate to exercise? Maybe you’ve gone to a gym for years and the very thought of seeing another treadmill makes you want to run away screaming. Or, maybe you’ve just never been the “athletic type”. You’re busy enough dealing with everyday life and when you get a moment's free time the last thing you want to do is spend it in a spin class. 

Before you hang up your tennis shoes forever, the team at Leaps and Rebounds wants to help by giving you suggestions on some things you can do that will make you forget you’re actually exercising. Keep reading and if you want to try a really fun way to stay fit, visit our website today to browse our rebounders. 

Rebounding Experience

When most people say they hate to exercise, it’s not that they hate to move around or even work up a sweat, most people just don’t enjoy certain types of exercises or the environment that they’re exercising in. Working out on a treadmill or elliptical machine can be incredibly boring. Group classes are intimidating. And even going to a gym can be non-motivating if you don’t feel like you fit in there. If you keep struggling to make exercise a long-term commitment here are a few ideas that you may actually enjoy doing.


Who doesn’t love to dance? Even if you don’t like to do it around other people, turning up the music and dancing around your house is a great way to burn some calories and release some stress. You don’t have to be great at it or learn any special routine, the point is to just move.

Speaking of dancing, have you ever thought of taking a dance class? Signing up at a local studio is a great way to meet other people, learn some new skills, and get some exercise without feeling like it’s a chore. Who knows, you might find out that you really enjoy dancing and decide to make it a full-time hobby. When your hobby involves plenty of physical activity, you’ll never have to worry about when or how to squeeze in a workout again! 

Playing With Your Kids

Instead of worrying about trying to fit in a workout every day, why not just spend more time with your kids? Many parents often feel guilty for taking an hour away from the family to workout, but if you include them as part of your workout, you don’t have to. You can run, jump, and play with them in the house or yard. Or, better yet — make a daily trip over to the nearest playground. You’ll have more room to run and who says you can’t try your hand at the monkey bars? Remember how much fun they were as a kid? Monkey bars tone your arms just like lifting weights does...but it’s so much more fun.

Sign Up For a Fun 5K

Before you skip over this paragraph because you absolutely hate to run, hear us out. Even if you’ve never actually completed one mile, you should consider signing up for a fun 5K. So, what do we mean by a “fun” 5K? While there are running competitions and marathons targeted toward serious athletes, there are also some made just for people who want to have fun. You can find 5Ks that involve obstacle courses, running through foam and bubbles, and our favorite — races that have runners stopping every mile at a brewery. These events are more about having fun and less about serious competition, so even if you’re someone who has a hard time getting motivated to jog on a treadmill, we’re sure you’ll love taking part in some of the fun 5Ks that take place every year.  

Ride a Bike    

Riding a bike is a great form of exercise and one that may motivate you to move more. Kids ride bikes all the time, but for some reason, many adults don’t. Why not dust off your trusty 10-speed and take a trip around town? Or, why not start commuting to work at least one day a week using your bike? You might find that you’ve forgotten just how much fun and how invigorating riding a bike can be. 


We may be a little biased, but our favorite exercise, by far, is rebounding! What’s rebounding you ask? Rebounding is a type of low-impact activity that involves jumping on a mini-trampoline, otherwise known as a rebounder. Not only is it incredibly fun, it’s a great cardiovascular workout that also strengthens muscles and improves balance. Just about anyone can do it, regardless of their fitness level, and rebounders cost just a small fraction of what you would spend on a treadmill or annual gym membership. 

Rebounders are not only fun to jump on, but they’re also small and portable so you can move them from room to room or remove the legs for easy storage. They’re perfect for people of all ages, and we’re sure that once you try one, you’ll feel like a kid again and forget that you’re even exercising. Ready to start a fun, healthy habit? Shop for rebounders at Leaps and Rebounds today. 

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