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Evoke Nostalgia With Our Mini Fitness Trampolines

By Eyal Fatran | Mar 21, 2019

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The carefree feeling of jumping, the temporary feeling of weightlessness, the sheer bliss and simplicity of bouncing up and down: most of us jumped on a trampoline at one point or another during our childhood. It’s a beautiful experience, being able to bounce up and down without a care in the world. Philosophically speaking, we could learn a lot about the simplicity of bouncing on a trampoline.

Nostalgia And Rebounding On Our Fitness Trampolines

In terms of exercise physiology, however, we did learn a lot about the simplicity of bouncing on a trampoline. By rebounding, or repeatedly jumping on one of our mini fitness trampolines in conjunction with a number of exercises, you can improve your cardiovascular fitness and strengthen your muscles more efficiently than conventional cardio exercises.

Channeling in your inner nostalgia associated with jumping on a trampoline and pairing it with the health benefits of rebounding is, in all honesty, genius. We don’t mean to toot our own horns too much here, but once you jump on one of our mini fitness trampolines, you’ll understand where we’re coming from!

Though nostalgia is usually pretty subjective in terms of what evokes it for one person versus the other, here are some very popular things that tend to evoke nostalgia for the millennial generation.

Nostalgia Made Possible By Our Rebounder Trampolines


Perfect for kids with parents who didn’t allow them to get their own pet, the Tamagotchi was a great way to take care of their “pet” without any real responsibility or consequences. Your Tamagotchi pet loyally followed you around without question, and certainly didn’t bark when it wasn’t appropriate (though we can’t say the same about the electronic beeping noises).

The Oregon Trail

Many of us played The Oregon Trail back in elementary school during computer lab hours. If you did get an opportunity to “travel the trail,” then you’re probably very familiar with this statement: “You have died of dysentery.”

If a simple computer game could teach outdoor survival skills and provide a rich history lesson all in one experience, it was certainly The Oregon Trail.

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Beanie Babies

Once you have one Beanie Baby, you probably need to collect them all — not unlike Pokemon. Though many Beanie Babies were quite expensive due to their rarity, these fun and plush items were all the rave back in the 90s, and many Beanie Babies drive an even higher price these days due to their quasi-vintage nature.

Old School Scrapbooks

It’s pretty easy to throw together a digital scrapbook with a bunch of photos and accompanying text these days, but it takes a true, hardworking parent to put together an entire scrapbook containing well-organized childhood memories. Pick up a scrapbook for about twenty seconds and you’ll be instantly transported back to that time period in your life.

Jump Back In Time With Us!

Get in shape and experience the childlike wonder of jumping on a trampoline. What’s not to love? For the best rebounder experience of your life, choose our mini fitness trampolines here at Leaps & Rebounds.

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