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Avoid The Summer Heat With Your Mini Rebounder Trampoline

By Eyal Fatran | May 31, 2019

Summer is coming in full-force. For many parts of the United States, summer arrived a couple of months ago. And for others, well, they still have several weeks to go before it’s considered “hot” outside. Are you ready for the summer heat?

Maybe you’re training for a big race that’s in the fall, or maybe you’re simply motivated to look really good this swimsuit season. Summer is as good of a time to get in shape as any other, but the extreme heat in many parts of the country (and the world) can mean that it’s a struggle to exercise outdoors. And we all know that waking up ridiculously early in the morning to run is no fun.

Keep It Cool And Keep It Fun With Our Mini Rebounder Trampoline!

What if we told you that there’s a way to get in great shape this summer while avoiding running outside (and without going to the gym)? There is, and achieving this consists of doing one thing: rebounding, or more commonly known as jumping on a trampoline — except this time, you can do it within the comfort of your own home.

Learn more about how rebounding works, check out our signature mini fitness trampoline, and keep reading below for some great ways to stay cool (and stay in great shape) this summer.

Staying Cool And Staying Active This Summer

Wear Sweat-Wicking Clothing

Though active-wear clothing materials can often be expensive, trust us when we say that they’re worth it. Traditional cotton clothing doesn’t breath and wick away sweat like the shirts and pants that are designed for it, and you’re sure to be hot and uncomfortable by wearing cotton and other non-breathable materials.

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Drink Electrolyte Beverages

Sometimes, drinking normal water isn’t enough. Of course, you should drink plenty of regular water on a daily basis, but if you’re particularly active or you’re sweating a lot due to the summer heat, you’ll want to supplement your hydration will electrolytes. Be sure to pay attention to what type of sports drinks you’re drinking, as many of them lack in sodium and potassium and make up for it in sugar content.

Though it sounds silly, something like Pedialyte (or generic versions of it) are packed with way more potassium and sodium and much fewer sugars. It’ll help keep you going in tandem with plenty of regular water.

Wear Sandals Instead Of Closed-Toed Shoes

Allowing your feet to breathe will keep you much cooler when the heat is sweltering outside. Plus, you’ll be able to get a nice sandal tan going.

Freeze Your Own Popsicles

Popsicles are an excellent, refreshing way to cool down on a hot day. You can make your own fruit juice concoctions (and even spike them if you’re of age), and all you have to do is freeze them in plastic molds in the shape of popsicles. Easy!

Rebound On Our Mini Fitness Trampoline...At Home!

You don’t need to go to the gym or subject yourself to the heat outdoors just to burn calories, increase your aerobic fitness, and get in shape. Just use our bungee rebounder trampoline. Use our promo code “JUMPAROUND” to save 5% on your order!

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