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5 Rebounders that Best Fit what You Need in 2024

By info leapsandrebounds | Dec 16, 2021

   When it comes to finding the best type of rebounder for you, there are a lot of choices. So many that it can be really hard to know which one is just right. We're here to help! Whether you need something basic or want something more advanced, we've got you covered with these 5 types of rebounders and their benefits.

Why get a rebounder in the first place?

   With all the options out there it can seem overwhelming to make the right choice. Well here are a few things you might want to consider when choosing a mini trampoline over more traditional workouts.

1. Rebounders are a great way to get your heart rate up and keep in shape all year round.

2. They're also a lot of fun for kids, as they can bounce around the living room with their friends

3. With so many models out there, it's hard to know which one is right for you

4. The best rebounder will depend on what you need - do you have enough space for a large model or do you want something more compact that takes up less space ?

5. It's important to make sure that the springs or bungees are high quality and durable, as this is where most of the wear and tear happens

6. You'll also need to consider how much weight the unit can handle - if it's too light then it may not be able to hold your weight!

   With these things in mind, let's go over a few of the 8 best exercise trampolines for certain conditions.

1. The Best Overall


Leaps and Rebounds Traditional Model


  Are you looking for a great bounce but don't have a ton of cash to spend on the more expensive rebounders?  Don't worry, we got you covered with the best value listing here.

  The Leaps and rebounds traditional model comes with all the benefits you would get out of a Jumpsport or Bellicon model at a fraction of the cost.  And like all their models Leaps and Rebounds offers a free lifetime warranty which means no paying for replacement parts ever again!

  You can get this model in 7 different beautiful colors with either a 40 inch or 48 inch diameter depending on how much room you have available.  and to make it even better it comes with free workouts and a month of SF Fitness premium workouts for free as well!

  For a price point of around $200 with free shipping, and all the value you get from this purchase it's hard for any other major brand to compare when it comes to how much you get per dollar spent.

2. The Most Customizable

The Bellicon

Bellicon Plus mini trampoline


   Do you like getting all the bells and whistles to trick out your rebounding experience?  This is the exercise trampoline for you, then.

   The Bellicon rebounder brand is based on building your own unique version of the best trampoline you want.  Their ordering process takes you through every detail of creating the rebounder and builds a custom trampoline just how you want it.  Want it foldable, you got it. Want a super soft or super firm bounce, no problem.  Add a stability bar, easily done.  Color choice, leg converters to angle bounces, you name it.

  On top of that, they offer all of these attachments as separate purchases as well, so if you decide later on you want to add something on it's very simple to do.  Add to that how well known Bellicon is due to their sturdy craftsmanship and you have a powerhouse of customizability.

   The one negative thing is it is EXPENSIVE! The price point for a Bellicon can go from $500 for the basic model with no upgrades up to $2000+.  Is it worth the price point? that is for you to decide, but it is the most customizable on the market.

3. The Best Mini-Rebounder for kids

Ancheer Foldable Oval Rebounder

Ancheer foldable oval rebounder


  When it comes to kids, you want them to have SAFE fun, right? Ancheer helps with its oval rebounder.

  The Oval shape gives plenty of room for your child to bounce on without accidentally hitting the edge.  On top of that the design makes it so they can even bounce with a friend or parent at the same time.

  Ancheer gives you a height adjustable stability bar to keep balance while bouncing.  They also have a full coverage pad over the springs so your foot doesn't accidentally get stuck in the springs. 

  Their rebounder is foldable for easy storage and holds up to 250 lbs safely. The largest problem I have is it is a spring rebounder, so it is loud and the springs wear down quicker than bungees. Overall not a bad deal for the price point of $120. 

4. Portable rebounders that can be used anywhere

Jumpsport 350F Model

Jumpsport rebounder


  When it comes to traveling portability is everything, and Jumpsport knows that. They have you covered with their 350F model.

  With removable legs and a foldable frame the 350F can become very compact.  It is ideal to take on the camping or road trips you enjoy, allowing you to stay in shape even on the road! At only 22 lbs it is easy to carry around as well, and Jumpsport even offers a carrying bag for this model making transport even easier.

  On the road this is a great rebounder if you don't mind the higher price point of $350, which is my only real issue with the rebounder.  As a travel piece it might be a little expensive, even if it is perfect for keeping fit on the road otherwise.

5. Durable, commercial grade rebounders

Hit Fitness Trampoline

Hit Mini Rebounder


  When it comes to commercial grade use we want something super durable, that you can bounce on all day without issues arising. Hit has you covered with their durable fitness trampoline.

  Made with commercial businesses in mind Hit starts with a thick durable frame.  It holds 300+ pounds easily which is higher than most rebounders.  The mat is all but damage resistant as well, leading to a rebounder that almost never breaks.

  The springs also have a durable cover keeping you safer and keeping to springs from rusting over time.  And the slip resistant shoes on the legs keep the rebounder still and stable all day.

  The company claims their rebounder is perfect for HIIT training and with that company name it makes sense.  And with a price point of around $80 it makes it quite easier to kit out a gym without breaking the bank.

  My biggest issue with Hits rebounder is the springs, they are loud and in a commercial setting like a class it is even louder. Running a class with that much noise may be difficult.



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