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About Leaps and Rebounds Fitness Trampoline

If we told you that you could literally bounce your way to better health, would you believe us? Perhaps not, but it’s true.

While most people typically view exercise — particularly cardiovascular exercise — as grueling time spent on the treadmill or climbing endless flights of stairs, we’re proud to challenge the stereotypical notion of cardio by providing the wonderful experience that is rebounding.

What Is Rebounding, Exactly? Does Rebounding Really Work?

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OK, let’s back up a little bit. First, we’re saying that you can “bounce” your way to better health, and now we’re just throwing around terms?

You might be wondering what “rebounding” is and how it can be beneficial for your health and overall fitness. Well, you’re in the right place!

Similar in principle to the carefree joy of jumping on a trampoline, rebounding literally involves jumping on what could more accurately be described as a fitness trampoline, or perhaps a mini trampoline.

A full-body workout and a great way to strengthen your body’s cells from the inside out, the low-impact design of fitness rebounders like our signature rebounder offers a vigorous cardiovascular experience without the traditional drawbacks or perceived effort of running.

Here are some of the many benefits that you can anticipate from routinely using a mini fitness trampoline:

  • Strengthened cells - pressure differentials and changes in gravity (by becoming temporarily airborne) are said to allow oxygen to reach more cells throughout the body, ultimately strengthening your cells.
  • Increased lymph flow and immune system protection - no one likes getting sick, and increased lymph fluid circulation via rebounding can help protect your body.
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory gains - “aerobic gains” obtained from rebounding can help strengthen your heart and its vital functions.
  • Improved physical strength and muscular development - in addition, rebounding can also greatly improve your overall coordination, balance, and flexibility.
  • Little to no impact on your body - contrary to running or other forms of cardio, rebounding is very gentle on your joints, soft tissue, and skeleton as a whole.

When you sit down (or jump up and down) and think about it, that’s a pretty sweet set of benefits from a simple trampoline.

Is Rebounding Good For Weight loss?

  "Sure rebounding has a lot of great health benefits, but does it help me lose weight?" We hear you, and we get it, that is a big concern for many people.  The simple answer is yes, but let's get a little more in depth for you. How about we start with is rebounding better than walking?

  A 10 minute workout bouncing on a rebounder burns between 50 and 150 calories (depending on individual weight).  For comparison running a 10 minute mile burns between 80 and 150 calories as well. The biggest difference is the impact on your legs and back while running is a lot greater.

  Ok, but how about the Elliptical, it uses your arms AND legs, it must burn more.  In fact the Elliptical machine only burns at most 100 calories in 10 minutes of workout.

  The real secret to the calorie burning of rebounding is it works your whole body at once.  Your body needs to use all of its muscles to stabilize itself in the air and the result is an amazing core and leg workout with a good full body workout on top of it!

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That All Sounds Great. But How Is Your Rebounder Different From Other Fitness Trampolines?

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 Ah, We’re so happy that you asked! As you can imagine, not all fitness trampoline products that you’ll encounter on the market are created equal — after all, the fitness market is enormous!

At Leaps & Rebounds, we not only use high-quality materials with our fitness rebounder, but we also use bungees to help absorb and propel you back into the air.

Why does that matter? Well, when you consider what gives a trampoline that signature “bounce” and low-impact rebounder effect, you’ll want to keep two different mechanisms in mind: springs and bungees.

Now, while both of these rebounding mechanisms effectively achieve the same core purpose of absorbing the impact of the user jumping and subsequently rocketing them back into the air, there are a number of reasons why bungees are objectively superior to using conventional fitness trampoline springs. Let’s take a look.

Bungees Rebounders Are Safer than Spring Rebounders

Did you ever get your fingers, legs, or arms pinched in one of the springs of the trampoline that you had growing up as a kid? Yeah, it’s pretty painful.

As you might be able to ascertain, bungees are a much safer alternative to springs in that they eliminate the possibility of getting pinched, poked, prodded, or any other word that starts with the letter “p.”

Your childhood self will thank you for eventually seeing the light and choosing a fitness trampoline that uses bungees instead of harsh, unforgiving springs.

Bungees Trampolines Are Quieter than Spring Trampolines

Creak, creak, creak…is that really what you want to constantly hear as you’re trying to work out and bounce up and down?

Because there’s no metal-on-metal and closely-coiled-up springs in our fitness rebounder, you can enjoy a quiet workout (or a loud workout full of heart-pumping jams) that won’t drive you, the kids, or the family dog crazy.

Really, you deserve more than a creaky mini trampoline that only stays creak-free for a few weeks.

All About Our Fitness Trampoline

Bungees Are More Durable Than Springs

Conventional springs get rusty over time and give way to a number of headaches after repeated use.

Bungees are designed to stand the test of time and won’t snap or break when they’re under pressure.

Plus, there’s no maintenance associated with bungees — while bulky metal springs might require a little WD40 action here and there, you can bounce confidently knowing that you’ve invested in a durable cardio solution that’s ready to go when you are.

Bungees Offer A Firmer, Superior Bounce

It’s true. Over time, conventional springs will weaken and give way, causing you to “sink” more and more as you’re rebounding.

However, this is not the case with bungee springs. Providing an ever-firm yet comfortable bounce as you’re rebounding, you’ll always enjoy a high-quality bounce experience with our fitness trampoline.

We Take The Premium Materials For Our Fitness Trampoline Seriously

The fact that we use bungees as the primary mechanism for mini fitness trampolines does set Leaps & Rebounds apart from the competition, but the other high-quality materials that we use set us even farther apart.

As far as the original rebounder is concerned, there are three main components involved:

  • The legs
  • The mat
  • The bungees

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At this point, you’re pretty familiar with how our bungees work and why they’re superior to conventional springs.

However, the legs and mat that help make up our fitness trampoline are not to be overlooked.

The legs on our rebounder are made from a carbon steel frame with screw-in legs, providing a stable and secure foundation that won’t collapse — unlike the traditional folding legs that you’ll see in other mini fitness rebounders.

Also built to withstand years and years of impact, the mat that our rebounder uses is what we call a “Sure-Foot Zero Stretch” design.

Carefully weaved to remain as one cohesive unit, our mats are built to take a beating from repeated jumping.

Our tightly-wound mat also works in tandem with our bungees, ensuring that you’re constantly getting the support and foot-to-mat confidence that you need whether you’re rebounding indoors or outdoors.

Easy to assemble and made of ultra-smooth, silent, stretchy and surprisingly strong latex rubber, our bungees seal the deal by providing a superb bounce up to 250 lbs.

All things considered, you’re simply not going to find another fitness trampoline on the market quite like The Leaps and Rebounds Rebounder — especially at a price point and quality level like ours.

I'm On Board! But How Can I Purchase A Fitness Trampoline With Confidence?

All About Our Fitness TrampolineUnbeatable Value

Fair question. After all, this is your hard-earned money that we’re talking about. 

For one, we will emphasize the point that our mini fitness trampoline is significantly less expensive and better-valued than other comparable cardio products on the market such as a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike machine, and so forth.

These products easily run into the thousands and thousands of dollars, whereas The Leaps & Rebounds Rebounder is a literal fraction of the price.

So again, all things considered, you simply can’t beat the value that we’re offering.

Give our rebounder a shot. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Leaps & Rebounds offers a 30-day risk-free return policy.

Our Lifetime Warranty

For The Rebounder and our optional, separate stabilizer bar, own with confidence knowing that if anything gets damaged or is in need of replacement, just reach out to us here at Leaps & Rebounds.

Our high-quality fitness trampoline materials wouldn’t lead to any premature fixes, but hey, accidents happen. That’s why our lifetime warranty is here to help you for...well, life!

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Free Shipping

At this point, free shipping is just icing on the cake. Leaps & Rebounds ships anywhere in the United States in a speedy three to four business days.

Experience The Benefits Of Rebounding With Our Fitness Trampoline Today!

Trust us when we say that we’re just as stoked as you are about your rebounder purchase.

In fact, we’re so excited about your use of our mini fitness trampolines that we’d like to send you your own free bungee pack.

That’s right! All you have to do is take a picture of you or your friends using your rebounder trampoline, share Leaps & Rebounds on social media, and send us a brief testimonial about your experience with us.

Boom! Now you have free stuff. How great is that?

Feel free to learn more about the rebounding community here at Leaps & Rebounds, or reach out to our rebounder trampoline company today if you have any questions!

Why wait to get in better shape, or spend more time dealing with the harsh impact of running and other forms of cardio?

Take advantage of rebounding and the sheer joy of jumping up and down via your own mini fitness trampoline and shop The Rebounder today.

Try Our High Quality Trampolines Risk Free!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Get your bounce on! Try Leaps & Rebounds for 30 days and see how you feel! If you don't absolutely love it, for any reason we'll refund your money!