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Rebounding For Weight Control

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably admit to having a few pounds to lose. Maintaining a healthy weight can be a lifelong challenge made more difficult by our busy schedules, an abundance of food options, and sometimes, just a lack of willpower. If you have difficulty maintaining a regular exercise schedule because you find it boring or inconvenient, maybe you’re not doing the right kind of exercise.

Experts say that the key to staying consistent with your workouts is to find a physical activity that you love to do. At Leaps and Rebounds, we think using a rebounder is the answer! There are so many benefits of rebounding and weight control is just one of them. Try it for yourself and you’ll see that you no longer dread exercising. That’s because bouncing on a rebounder is so much fun! Not only that, but bouncing is low impact and you won’t feel like you’re “working.” Bouncing is often what children do for fun — and now you can do it too, with a Leaps and Rebounds rebounder.

Rebounding Is Easy

One reason why rebounding appeals to so many people trying to lose weight is that you don’t have to learn how to use any fancy equipment and you don’t have to try to follow along with an instructor. How many times have you avoided the gym equipment because you weren’t sure how to adjust them and many of them looked like medieval torture devices? Have you ever tried taking a group class only to feel like the only one who couldn’t follow along? With a rebounder, exercising is easy — just step on and start bouncing. 

Stay Motivated


One of the biggest reasons why people have a hard time maintaining their weight is because they have a hard time staying motivated to exercise. This lack of motivation isn’t your fault — it’s because many exercises are just plain boring. There’s only so many miles you can run on a treadmill before boredom sets in, and it usually doesn’t take long. On the contrary, rebounding is anything but boring! It may feel like you’re sloughing off on your commitment to exercise, but in fact, rebounding is an excellent workout even though it may seem like you’re just having fun. And, when you’re having fun, you’re more likely to stay motivated and stay consistent with your exercise routine.



Easy on Your Pocketbook


Did you know that you can do high-quality workouts without ever going to a gym? Did you also know that home exercise equipment doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg? Most people think it has to be one or the other — either you pay for a monthly gym membership, or you buy a very expensive piece of home gym equipment. The fact is, you can get an exceptional workout and reap the other benefits of rebounding in just 20 or 30 minutes. 

You no longer have to sign up for a gym membership that you’ll keep paying for, despite the fact that you may only use it a few times a month. You also don’t have to take out a loan to pay thousands for a piece of home gym equipment that you’ll probably hang your laundry on. The Leaps and Rebounds rebounder is a small investment in your health — and better yet — it’s one you’ll actually use. Save your money and enjoy a fun activity that will also help you lose weight? That’s a win-win! 


You Don’t Have to Spend Hours Working Out


Some people like to work out. And, some people have plenty of extra free time on their hands. However, the majority of the population struggles to find the time and motivation to exercise frequently. It doesn’t take long before a few missed workouts now and then start to add up to a few extra pounds. With a rebounder, you’ll not only enjoy exercising, but you’ll have no trouble squeezing it into your busy day. First, you don’t have to drive to and from a gym. Second, you don’t have to spend an hour or more to get positive results. As little as 15 minutes a day is all you need to improve flexibility, tone your muscles, and boost your metabolism. 



Exercise Your Whole Body


Most people assume that rebounding is only going to work your legs and cardiovascular system, which, if you haven’t been exercising at all, is better than nothing. However, there are many things you can do on a rebounder besides just bouncing up and down in one place. Check out our blog about the 20-minute total body workout. Even the busiest of people should be able to find 20 minutes in their jam-packed schedule. This workout shows you how you can strengthen and tone your entire body in less time than it takes to watch a sitcom on T.V.


Just About Anyone Can Do It

For many people, lifting heavy weights or running five miles isn’t an option. Whether you’re a senior, recovering from an injury, or you haven’t exercised in a long time, rebounding can be a low-impact option that you can do from the comfort and safety of your own home. Plus, there are so many other benefits of rebounding besides just weight control, including lowering stress, increasing flexibility, and boosting your immune system.

Need a little extra help to stay steady on the rebounder? Check out our no-slip grip socks and adjustable stabilizer bar with cushy foam handles for an easy grip. Whether you just need a little assistance keeping your balance, or you want to try some more advanced moves, a stabilizer bar and no-slip socks will keep you strong and steady. 


Order Your Rebounder From Leaps and Rebounds

Maintaining a healthy weight is a challenge for many people, but a rebounder can be a fun and healthy way to lose weight and stay in shape. But don’t take our word for it — try it for yourself. We offer free shipping in the U.S. and a 30-day risk-free return policy. Order your rebounder from Leaps and Rebounds today and start a lifelong habit that will help you maintain a healthy weight.