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The Importance Of Bungees In Our Rebounder Fitness Trampolines

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If you’ve spent part of your childhood bouncing on a trampoline, then you’ll immediately be able to empathize with us on this one: the pain of accidentally pinching yourself on the metal springs. Trampoline springs are harsh, unforgiving, and they’re quite painful when you get your finger (or worse) caught in them. Even trampoline spring covers don’t always prevent people from experiencing the swift but oh-so-unforgiving pinch that is contact with a fluctuating metal spring.

Surely, there must be a way to “jump around” (cue House of Pain) without the fear of pinching, poking, or prodding yourself on these deceiving metal springs. Well, we’re extremely happy to report that, yes, there is a way to rebound without any spring contact: using our bungee trampoline!

The Importance Of Bungees In Our Rebounder Fitness Trampolines


The Importance Of Bungees In Our Rebounder Fitness Trampolines

Yes, bungees. The experience of using a bungee trampoline is as fun as saying the word “bungee” itself. After careful planning and hours spent designing the ultimate mini fitness trampoline, the team at Leaps & Rebounds decided that using strong, high-quality bungee cords in place of traditional metal springs was the way to go. And based on what our ecstatic customers are saying about our signature rebounder, we’re inclined to believe that we made the right choice!

We’ve covered multiple aspects of using the Leaps & Rebounds rebounder trampoline, but now we’d like to focus more closely on the benefits of using bungees for your rebounding experience. Keep reading below to learn more!

Why Bungees Beat Metal Trampoline Springs

The Importance Of Bungees In Our Rebounder Fitness Trampolines

A Quiet, Refined Rebounding Workout

Our rebounder trampolines are light and can go practically anywhere, but let’s say that you’ve set up your rebounder in your small home gym. Maybe you like to wake up early, well before your family, and get your morning exercise in for the day. The last thing you want is to hold back your rebounding regimen for fear of waking up your family with those pesky squeak, squeak, squeak sounds, right?

Your family can, quite literally, rest assured that your bungee trampoline is very quiet. Even when it’s the middle of the day, we’re sure that they’ll enjoy the fact that you’re not producing an incessant squeaky noise every single time you rebound.

Weatherproofing: No Rust!

Traditional trampoline springs tend to rust and even seize up over time. Think about it: most (if not all) trampolines are outside in people’s backyards, meaning that they’re constantly subjected to the elements. Harsh sunshine, battering wind, and moisture from rain work in tandem to progressively wear away at these metal springs — again, even trampoline spring covers aren’t always shielded from the elements.

A Crisp, Responsive Rebound

Metal springs might be responsible for what gives a trampoline its “bounce,” but over time, the bounciness of these springs tends to fade out and decline. Now, bungees aren’t immune from progressive wear and tear either, but our strong, high-quality bungees are designed to outlast traditional metal springs by a longshot. They won’t snap or break under pressure, which is great for you because, obviously, you’ll constantly be applying pressure to the bungees by rebounding.

No Maintenance, No Worries

Many people’s standard metal trampoline springs tend to degrade over time simply because they’re not being used or they’re not receiving any attention. Of course, most people don’t think to oil their trampoline springs with something like WD-40, but the truth is that metal trampoline springs do require some type of maintenance to ensure longevity.

Bungee cords, on the other hand, offer true, worry-free maintenance. Just unbox our fitness trampoline when it arrives at your doorstep, set up the legs, and get to rebounding! If you’re a hardcore rebounder and you spend many hours a week rebounding, you may notice one of your bungees snap, but don’t worry. We have you covered with our multi-pack (10) of replacement bungees that are much easier to reinstall compared to metal springs.

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A Fitness Trampoline That Looks Good

No one really buys a rebounder trampoline based on its looks, but we happen to think that big, bulky metal springs don’t look very good — they’d detract from the fun colors of your Leaps & Rebounds rebounder. Our black bungees don’t clash or take away from the brilliant, bright color of your choice for your trampoline, and we know that it will make a really nice addition to your home gym (or wherever you decide to rebound).

Superior Impact Absorption

A lot of people seem to think that because bungee cords are a little more firm than metal springs, they don’t absorb as much impact. This may be true on a case-by-case basis, but in the case of our own bungee rebounder trampoline, you’ll be pleased to know that your impact is absorbed just as (if not more) effectively compared to most metal spring trampolines. Of course, you’ll have to jump to believe it, but our satisfied Amazon reviews might fully convince you.

A Rebounder Experience That Just Works

In all honesty, there are many different rebounder trampolines on the market that you can choose from. And to continue being honest, Leaps & Rebounds offers a higher-end, premium rebounder that costs more than your standard entry-level trampoline. But we’re just fine with that, and if you’re looking for a product that will actually last and stand the test of time after months to years of consistent use, you’ll be fine with that fact too.

Combined with our UV-resistant, anti-slip mat and our ultra-sturdy legs, there’s really no other rebounder trampoline on the market that compares to our bungee trampoline. We urge you to do your research to see if you can find another fitness trampoline that offers the same value as we do...best of luck!

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Take Charge Of Your Health — Shake Up Your Cardio Experience

The Importance Of Bungees In Our Rebounder Fitness Trampolines

If running, biking, or using an elliptical is holding you back from burning those calories that need to be burned, know that using a rebounder trampoline may be the missing link in your cardio workouts. Check our website or our Amazon page for special time-sensitive discounts and other great information!

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