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✔ Official Leaps and Rebounds adjustable trampoline stabilizer bar. Please be sure to select the model of rebounder that you have, as it is designed to fit specifically for your model.
✔ Provides a strong helping hand, with super grippable and cushy foam handles, to help keep balance for more rewarding exercises.
✔ Allows for more creative and challenging exercises on our fast selling mini trampoline.
✔ Easy assembly. Attaches to any two trampoline legs. Slip around rebounder legs. Re-attach legs. No spare legs to keep track of like other stabilizer bars.
✔ Please note that Leaps and Rebounds beloved 5 STAR rebounder is sold separately.

    Our stabilizer bar attaches to any two legs. It doesn't replace the legs (who wants to keep track of spare legs?!), but slips over existing legs. It's then secured for stability. Our stability bars are adjustable to three different heights! No matter your height or exercise needs there's a height perfect for you. The grips are made of a cushy foam that creates a super tight grip between your hands and the bar. And it fits all our rebounders!

    Note: Rebounder is NOT included in this purchase.

    Additional note: Due to redesigns to our trampolines, the new stabilizer bars are NOT compatible with trampolines purchased prior to around the middle of April 2019. If you purchased one of our trampolines around that time-frame, please check with us, and we will be sure to ship you the correct stabilizer bar for your particular model! As always, we place our customers above all else, and will continue to support legacy models and parts as needed.

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      Ships anywhere in the US in 2-6 business days.

    • 30-Day Jump Trial

      Try it for 30 days. Risk-free return policy.

    • Lifetime Warranty

      Lifetime warranty for the rebounders and stabilizer bar.

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