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  • Low Impact Rebounding (suitable for beginners)

    Todays workout is perfect on 2 levels. One this is suitable for any beginner who wants to familiarise themselves with basic moves and get used to the Rebounder. Secondly, this can also be used as a rest day workout. We all have those days where we don't want anything too strenuous but we still want to do something. Well then search no further and try this workout. We have 7 simple exercises that will allow you to perfect your push technique and really become aware of what you are doing on the Rebounder. Think about each teaching point I give and use that minute and become one with your trampoline. Each move is performed for 1 minute and repeated 3 times, giving you your 21 minute workout.
    BY San Fran Fitness
  • 15 Minute Beginning Rebounder Workout

    Today's workout is perfect for the beginner rebounder or anyone who wants more of a mild and simple workout for the day. This is a great low intensity steady state cardio, otherwise known as LISS. This is a great workout if you are just getting starting with rebounding or want to go back to the basics. I will be taking you through some basic moves, while teaching you proper form and keeping you safe. You will burn a TON of calories using a mini trampoline! Jumping workouts are good for your health and soul. Subscribe for more health and fitness videos:
    BY Renee Lynne

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