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  • 30 min high-intensity full body rebounder | Full Body Workout

    Combine cardio moves on the trampoline with bodyweight strength movements to get you lean and toned!

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  • Rebounder HIIT with Sydney St-Aubin

    This 25 minute rebounder high intensity interval training workout will really put you to the test in terms of balance, cardio, agility and core strength. During this routine, we will make our way through 6 different exercises as part of a circuit, and do the circuit all together a total of 4 times. 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest. You got this! I am using the 40-inch orange rebounder.
    BY Sydney St-Aubin
  • Trampoline HIIT

    This 45 minute high intensity interval workout on the TRAMPOLINE will challenge your stamina and improve your aerobic conditioning. I incorporate lots of jumping ab and oblique work in this routine! PUSH yourself during the 45 second interval and recover for 15 seconds before the next burst of cardio. She is jumping on a 40-inch Blue Rebounder. 
    BY Lindsay Rosebush
  • High Intensity Workout

    In this video you will burn a TON of calories on a mini trampoline. Today's workout is INTENSE. This workout was optimized to lose fat and have fun. In as little as 10 minutes you will burn a ton of calories and feel energized. Jumping workouts are good for your health and soul. This workout consists of 50 seconds or work followed by 10 seconds of light bouncing. She is jumping on a 48-inch Pink Rebounder.
    BY Renee Lynne
  • 30 Minute HIIT Workout

    HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout with a rebounder. Tabata style, 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off, 1 minute rest between sets. She is using a 48-inch Pink Rebounder. 
    BY Bounce Fit Babe
  • Workout for Beginners

    This is a 20 minute beginning workout. Naomi Joy walks you through the beginning rebounder moves while getting your heart rate up. She is jumping on a 48-inch red Leaps and Rebounds Rebounder.
    BY Naomi Joy
  • HIIT Circuit

    This is a 15 Minute HIIT Circuit with trainer, Scott Francis from San Fran Fitness. He is working out on a 40-inch blue Leaps and Rebounds mini Trampoline with gray and blue bungees.
    BY San Fran Fitness

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